a.k.’s precious little life pt ii; or i genderbent my life and i’m not really sorry

jules is also pretty young, but he’s got the bite of someone you don’t want to fuck with, and his outlook on the world is always much more mature than people would pin him for. he’s also doing crazy things with his hair and making fun of people, but at the end of the day, all he wants is friends.

patrick and a.k. started out really, really hating each other. then, one day, they didn’t, and their lives have been full of nothing but movie moments since.

jack just has a lot of feelings. he’s sweet, but he’s stubborn, and he doesn’t really let anyone give him shit. he might be sad sometimes, but he knows as long as he has a.k. and his other friends that maybe, just maybe, he’ll be okay one day.

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